A Whole Year Later | Personal

Boy, has it been crazy since this year started! More specifically, the apple of my eye, my little boy, Joseph turned ONE on April 12th! How can it be that he is already a one year old? How is it possible????  My little 8 pound, 7 ounce, 8 days overdue, emergency c-section baby.  He's not tiny anymore, and I still can't grasp that concept. 

Since he is literally OBSESSED with it, the theme of his birthday party was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Of course, being that when a baby turns a year old, it's a big deal.  We had Mickey and Minnie ears for the kiddos (even though mainly the adults were wearing them lol), a few fun games, and of course, themed menu. A lot of the decorations and food items were hand made, and boy, did we have a time creating them. I have to send out a HUGE shoutout to Ms. Kadi Spruill of Kadi Bakes for making a last minute smash/birthday cake for the party

Thank you to my family for your help with everything and to everyone that came to celebrate with us! I meant to send out thank you cards to everyone that graced Joseph with a gift, but life got in the way. So, THANK YOU!!!! 

Katie + Jay + Lucas | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

Katie & Jay are regulars in front of my camera.  I have shot their engagement photos, Katie's bridals, their epic Smith Mountain Lake wedding, and finally got to meet their little man, Lucas.  They also have their two furbabies, Ghost and Goliath, that have made their debuts as well.  Katie & Jay took advantage of my Fall mini sessions, and opted to have their session at Back Bay of First Landing State Park, the same location as their engagement session.  Now, if you have visited the Back Bay before, I am pretty sure if it's a beautiful day, you will see both stand-up boarders, tons of photographers, or a little bit of both.  It was definitely a bit of both that day.  But thankfully, there were a lot of areas to choose from.

To say the least, with a baby and two adorable doggies, it called for a very eventful session, but it never fails... I always get great shots of Katie & Jay! And how about little man Lucas?!?!? Isn't he just the CUTEST?!?!?!? 

Valentine's Day 2017 | Hampton Roads Portrait Photographer

Now that the new year has started, we all know what will rapidly make its approach.... Valentines Day! Been wanting to get some updated photos of you and your honey? Contact me! Or, if you want to wait for another time to book your session, you can also purchase a gift certificate that will allow you to schedule your session anytime in 2017.  We are offering TWO options: a mini session as shown below at $149 plus tax, or a full session for $299 plus tax. 

Contact me today if you should have any questions or are ready to book your session!

Valentines Day sessions

Two Thousand Sixteen | Hampton Roads Photographer

2016 was definitely an eventful year for me, even though I only had a handful of sessions and weddings to capture.  In February, we moved from our Virginia Beach apartment to a house in Norfolk near NOB; in March, my husband left for training and his overseas deployment with the Air National Guard; in April, I gave birth to our son, Joseph Colin 24 hours after being induced due to him being over a week past his due date; in May, I shot Brian and Kristi's Yacht Club at Marina Shores wedding; in June, I shot Alexis and Corey's Woman's Club of Portsmouth wedding and Eddie and Catherine's Mount Ida Farm wedding in Charlottesville; in July, I shot a fly-in homecoming for my friends, the Scott family; in August, I shot a special first birthday for Ms. Bella and a special baptismal for the Woodwards; in September, I second shot two weddings, the first one with Nicole of Nicole Jean Photography for her wedding in Fort Lee, Virginia, and the other with Leslie of La Bella Bonita Photography for her Water Table wedding; in October, I second shot another wedding with Nicole Jean Photography, on the day Hurricane Matthew decided to visit the Hampton Roads area, and DADDY CAME HOME from his deployment; in November, I spent some time with some friends shooting their fall mini sessions, Katie and her family, and Liza and her family, and baby's first Thanksgiving, which to say that least, he thoroughly enjoyed...

which brings us to December.  Baby's first Christmas. Having my husband home and spending time with my family as a whole again. So much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to in the new year, especially since little man will be ONE in April (insert sad emoji here)!

Thank you to all my clients that made 2016 a fun and memorable one! I look forward to 2017 and what it will bring to me and my family, as well as my clients!

Happy New Year!

Daddy is FINALLY Home! | Personal

The day has FINALLY come!!! We have waited 7 months for this moment. Well, Joseph has waited his entire life to finally meet his daddy in person.  Seeing my husband and my son finally meet face to face instead of via a computer screen brought me to tears. It made me remember the day I checked in to Chesapeake General for my induction, to the emergency c-section I had to have because of a cord prolapse, to all those sleeplessness nights and half awake days trying to finish homework assignments.  All I knew was that I was finally getting the other half of my heart back and I wasn't letting him go. 

The morning of, all I could think about was getting to work, keeping myself busy until I got to leave to head over to the base.  Of course, they flew into the AMC terminal, which meant their plane was going to fly RIGHT over my office.  Every plane that flew over, I'd excited, thinking that it was him.  But once it got closer, I KNEW it was their plane based on the sound alone (thanks to my husband that is obsessed with naval aviation and has rubbed off on me).  The moment I heard their plane, I immediately starting running through the office, trying to look out the window to watch it make its way to the AMC Terminal and started to tear. But of course, my girls Stacey and Liza, would took time out on their lunch break to give me a mini makeover, I couldn't start bawling like I wanted to! Hearing that plane fly over was definitely a sigh of relief. No more sleeping alone, no more late night and early morning chats, no more!

Video captured by Langley Public Affairs:

So glad that daddy is finally home and he is finally able to meet and play with Joseph. 



Lexi & Justin | Suffolk Planter's Club & Hurricane Matthew | Adventures in Second Shooting

Hurricane Matthew.  I am sure we all remember when Hurricane Matthew made his presence known in the Hampton Roads area a couple months ago.  And I am pretty sure that Lexi & Justin will remember it forever.  Hurricane Matthew was already making a mess of things, and while they were getting ready, the storm was already starting to rage.  As we all traveled from the hotel to the Suffolk Planter's Club, the rain was coming down pretty bad and the roads were already flooded in many spots.  There were a few leaky spots in the roof, and the lights were flickering.   

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Lexi & Justin made the best of their special day!  

Thank you to my gal Nicole of Nicole Jean Photography for allowing me to be your second shooter! Even though I was stranded at my parents house in Greenbrier (Joseph was staying with Nana and Papa while mommy worked), and my car almost crapped out on me, it was still a beautiful and memorable wedding!! 

A Little Mermaid Birthday | Aliyah Mae turns 4 | Chesapeake Portrait Photographer

FOUR years old. I cannot believe that little miss Aliyah Mae turned FOUR this year!!! I remember the moment I finally got to meet her.... and cannot believe how big she is now! She is definitely a strong and beautiful girl, just like her mama. 

Aliyah, please stop growing! Auntie doesn't want you to grow anymore, and I am sure mommy is thinking the exact same thing!

My sister pulled together an AWESOME Little Mermaid party for Aliyah. Every last detail was perfect! 

Catrinna & Glen - The Water Table | Adventures in Second Shooting

Catrinna and Glen were married at the Village Church in Virginia Beach off of Indian River Road, and celebrated with their closest friends and families at The Water Table down by the Oceanfront.  Thank you to Leslie of La Bella Bonita Photography for allowing me to second shoot with you! 

Here are a few of my favorite captures of Catrinna and Glen's special day:

Daddy's Almost Home | Personal

As some of you may not know, my son, Joseph was born just after his daddy left for a deployment with the Air National Guard.  He is a Staff Sergeant with the 203rd RED HORSE Squadron, which RED HORSE stands for Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers.  They are essentially the equivalent to the Navy SEABEES (they also train at NCBC Gulfport in Gulfport, Mississippi).  We were hoping that Joseph would make his appearance before daddy left, but as any military family (even though we are a Guard family) can tell you, things don't always go the way that you plan it!

Although we have been together for over four years, this is our first deployment together, and he has missed his birthday, two of the kids' birthdays, as well as our first wedding anniversary, which was on October 5th.  Thankfully, where he is at, we have been able to keep in contact with him pretty much every single day.  Although I can't really discuss when daddy is coming home, but all I can say is that we are ready for daddy to come home and we can enjoy being a family again!  They say that keeping yourself busy helps pass the time by a lot quicker, and I do have to say that it actually does seem to, especially since I returned back to work from maternity leave and have shot three weddings, second shot a few weddings for my gals Nicole of Nicole Jean Photography and Leslie of La Bella Bonita Photography, as well as a few other sessions.  And let's not forget about the classes that I am still taking in pursuit of my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice through American Military University.

Daddy, we can't wait for you to come home and for you to finally meet Joseph face to face for the first time! I already know I will be a blubbering mess that day and I know that I will need to ensure I have several boxes of tissues with me!

Fall Mini Sessions are Here!! | Hampton Roads Photographer

It's almost officially time for my favorite season of the year.... FALL!!! Time for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, comfy boots, and shorter days.  Wanting to send out an updated photo in this year's Christmas cards? Let's get that session scheduled today! Mini sessions are $150 and include a 30 minute session, 20 digital images, a private online gallery and print release! Sessions can be any location of your choice in the Hampton Roads area, but I may be able to travel to your neck of the woods! 

Contact me TODAY to get your session scheduled!

Catherine & Eddie - Married | Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Catherine and Eddie are recent graduates of William & Mary.  I first met Catherine and Eddie at their wedding consult at a Starbucks near the Peninsula Town Center.  After a few minutes of talking, we hit it off and by the time we all left, it felt like I was talking to old time friends!  

Their wedding day came, and I swear it felt like it was just the other day we were talking details about the wedding.  My partner in crime that day was Nicole of Nicole Jean Photography, and we drove up to Charlottesville that morning.  The drive alone was amazing, as I am always in awe of the mountains.  As crazy as it sounds, this beach bum would take the mountains over the beach any day!  It was rather hot that day, however, everyone remained as cool as they could and had the time of their lives!

Thank you Catherine and Eddie for allowing me and my right hand gal, Nicole for being there to capture your special day!  

Alexis & Corey - Married | Portsmouth Wedding Photographer

Alexis is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) and Corey is in the Army, currently stationed in Hawaii.  To say that I was jealous that he was stationed in my home state, is an understatement! When Alexis first contacted me, we chatted back and forth due the distance between us and it was just easier to keep in contact.  Our first face to face meeting was just a few weeks before the wedding to discuss the finalized plans and met Corey for the first time on the day OF the wedding!  Alexis and Corey is such a cute and wonderful couple, and their wedding party definitely was a blast to spend the entire day with! 

They were married and celebrated at the Woman's Club of Portsmouth, which happens to be one of my favorite venues to shoot at.  Thank you Alexis and Corey for allowing me to be there to capture your special day!

Ms. Holland & Mr. Smith Get Married | Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer

Kristi & Brian are both teachers for the Virginia Beach Public Schools. They were married and celebrated with their families, closest friends and colleagues at the Yacht Club at Marina Shores.  The weather was a little wonky that day, as it went from raining to humid to clear in a matter of hours.  Thankfully, the ceremony was under a covered deck and the reception inside! It was such a beautiful wedding! And needless to say, when you get a bunch of teachers together and away from their students, they definitely get crazy and have fun! 

Do I dare mention there was an EPIC dance-off to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"??

Thank you to Kristi, Brian and Braelyn for allowing me and my sidekick Amber to capture your special day!

Gabrielle & Ian - Married at Woman's Club of Portsmouth | Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer

She is a Retail Merchandising Marketer for Hurley, and he is a Law Enforcement Officer for the City of Norfolk.  The were married at Saint Pauls Catholic Church and celebrated with their family and closest friends at the Woman's Club of Portsmouth.  It was definitely a beautiful day!!!

Thank you, Gabrielle and Ian for allowing me to capture your special day!! It was definitely a blast! 

Just a Little Life Update... | Personal

Gosh, it has been awhile since I have last posted! Life happened.  Little do most people know, I got married last October to my love of my life, we moved to a house in Norfolk in February, gave birth to our son, Joseph Colin in April, and daddy is currently on deployment.  But of course, I couldn't just mention about Joseph without sharing his cuteness! 

I was due on April 4th, but Joseph decided he was too comfortable and was evicted.  Although I planned on having natural birth, he entered the world via an emergency c-section due to a cord prolapse (you can read more about cord prolapse HERE).  Like everyone knows, they take photos of the newborns, just like we had when our parents had us back in the day.  But they are totally nothing like ours! 

Joseph Colin was born at 7:09 AM on April 12th.  So far I am enjoying maternity leave, and I can't believe how quickly it is coming to an end...  I just wish it wasn't only 6 weeks! :( I'm gonna miss seeing my baby boy every day.  Recently, we had photos done, which happened to be on the day he turned one month old (I need him to stop growing now. I cant't believe that he's already a month old!!!! GAH!).  My photog pal, Tricia of Teal Tree Studios Photography & Design  took some AWESOME photos of our little man.  And at least I know that he's a ham in front of the camera; mommy should have no problems with getting photos of him as he continues to grow!

Here are my most favorite photos from his newborn session with Tricia.

Joseph, mommy wants you to stop growing! Before I know it, you'll be a year old! :( 

Garcia Family | Virginia Beach Maternity Photographer

Kathryn contacted me for her maternity photos, just in time before their bundle of joy, little Mr. Ezekiel arrived in the wee morning hours of August 31st. Kathryn is a fellow military spouse and It Works! Distributor in the area.  We originally met several months ago while participating in a photo project for our friend Angel Whisenant, who photographed us for I Am Her Voice, that was part of a campaign to help bring awareness to Sex Trafficking (http://www.angelwhisenant.com/nopriceisworthmyvoice).

We met up on the trail side of First Landing Park to capture some photos along the wooden walkways, then headed across the street to the beach side and captured some awesome sunset photos as well. I tell ya, just something about that golden hour.... I can't get enough of it!  

Joggin' For Frogmen 5K & 31 Heroes WOD | Hampton Roads Event Photographer

Bright and early on a Saturday morning in August, thousands of people gathered at Town Point Park in Downtown Norfolk to honor the sacrifices of our service members and veterans, as well as remembering those that have fallen and supporting their families.  Joggin' for Frogmen is to activate communities from around the world to honor the sacrifices of our service members and veterans, and to support the families of our fallen heroes.  The races they coordinate bring communities together, in which they celebrate the lives of America's fallen and to express our deep gratitude to those that still serve today.

Being a Air Force veteran and Air National Guard spouse, I am always involved in the military.  From homecomings to command functions, my life revolves around different military members, whether veterans, current service members, as well as their spouses and family members.  The military community has always made me feel as if I were part of a big family, and has brought different people in my life.  I was honored to be a part of this special 5K, and providing my services for such an awesome organization meant a lot to me. 

After the 5K, the 31 Heroes WOD started.  Groups and groups of crossfitters from all over Hampton Roads, took part in this special WOD; With a partner, the duo completes as many reps as possible in 31 minutes. They must complete 8 thrusters of 155 or 105 lbs, 6 rope climbs (15ft), and 11 box jumps at 30 or 24 inches high. While one partner is completing the WOD, the other completes a 400m sandbag carry.  Once the partner completes the carry, they switch places and continue on.  Let me just tell you, watching the waves and waves of crossfitters giving it all they got to honor our heroes, it was awesome seeing the dedication and determination that each person had.

A bunch of my photos haver been shared on the Joggin' For Frogmen 5K website (http://www.jogginforfrogmen.com/race-photos/), but here are my favorites!

Katie & Jay - Married at Smith Mountain Lake | Central Virginia Wedding Photographer

In the words of Taylor Swift, today was a fairytale.  And I have to say, Katie and Jay's wedding day was definitely a fairytale.  Katie looked stunning in her dress, and Jay looked dapper in his tux.  However, Mother Nature tried to have her way that day.  Days prior to everyone arriving to Bernard's Landing Resort, we all received an email from Katie that the entire wedding day was being shifted due to the pending storms set to roll in later the day of the wedding.  

The next day went off without a hitch.  The girls gathered in the Matron of Honor's suite for hair, makeup and mimosas, and the guys gathered in the Best Man's suite for some grooming, shots and laughs. We nearly got away from the rain and the crazy storms, but it eventually rolled in. But did it stop everyone from partying? Heck no! Most of the guests that were staying on the property went back to their condos, changed into comfy clothes and continued to party through the rest of the night!

Katie & Jay, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your special day.  And thank you to Jamey of Jamey Brown Photography for second shooting with me! You definitely kept the guys in check for me and Katie!

Venue: Bernard's Landing Resort at Smith Mountain Lake
Hair: Crystal Whilden
Makeup: Erin Fortuna
Dress: Maya Couture
Florals, Designer & Coordinator: Matthew Thomsen
Catering: Tiffany Silva & The Landing Restaurant
Band: Project 4 Band

Kristi & Brian - Engaged | Virginia Beach Engagement Photographer

Kristi and Brian are getting married next May and I can't wait for their wedding!  We met up at Red Wing Park for their engagement session.  They brought along their daughter Braelyn, who had her own sign for the session! Even though it was later in the afternoon, it was humid and we all were sweating like we were in a sauna.  But Kristi, Brian, and Braelyn pushed through it and we got some awesome shots!! 

Kristi & Brian are Boston Red Sox fans, so we definitely had to get some photos of them donning their best Red Sox apparel. Braelyn of course looked adorable  in her cute tulle skirt. Anyone know where I can get one in my size?! 

Here are a few of my favorite shots from their session! Can't wait for the wedding next year!!