It's a Family Affair | Smithfield Family Photographer

When another photographer books a session with me, I always get nervous. Don't know why, but I sometimes feel nervous! Kayse and her adorable family are no strangers to me though. I have ran a Color Me Rad race a few years ago with Kayse, and her family was at the finish line waiting for her. Kayse is the owner and photographer of La Mia Bella Photography, and has been a photog friend of mine for a few years now. We have shot at the same homecomings along side other photog buddies.

Let me just add that Kayse and her family are HILARIOUS. I swear, I was laughing during the entire session.  To say we had fun is an understatement.  Unfortunately, I can only share this photo since momma Reese wants to keep the rest hidden....  Keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you Kayse for allowing me to capture these photos of you and your AWESOME family! Maybe next time we can do this one.... (CLICK HERE!)