Before the Rain Rolled In | Chesapeake Family Photographer

Angel messaged me looking for a photographer.  She was referred to me by Ashley Barnett of We Are the Mitchells and told me that she had been looking for a photographer for the past 2 months before being referred to me.  She wanted an awesome fall background, so I suggested Oak Grove Lake Park.  For weeks, we watched the weather, hoping that we didn't have to reschedule it, or have to move it to an indoor location.  I arrived at the park, and of course, there were sprinkles.  But as I walked deeper into the park, I came across at least 6 other photographers and their clients! But luckily, we were able to work with the limited availability of space and were able to get some awesome shots. Especially my favorite shot below!

Meister Family woods

We literally had to wait closer towards the end of the session to jump on this location.  And thankfully, we were able to get their session wrapped up before the rain rolled in.  Thank you Meister Family for allowing me to photograph your fall portraits!

Meister boys

Meister Family

Mom and kiddos

Mr and Mrs Meister