Is It a Boy or Is It a Girl? | Virginia Beach Portrait Photographer

You'll recognize my friend Gina and her adorable kiddos.  They were my last session of 2013.  Well, it was at that session that Gina told me she was preggo and wanted me to help her announce the gender when it was time.  Now with gender reveals, usually only a few people know. This time it was just me and the sonographer.  But on the day of the sonogram to find out the gender, Gina felt a little unsure that they did it correctly; I have heard about a sonogram being done incorrectly and the baby turning out to be a boy instead of a girl! So, we waited another week, for her anatomy check up to get a "second" opinion. I was already bursting at the seams as Gina posted on Facebook that we were going to do a gender reveal and asked everyone what their guesses were. But I promised to keep it a secret until the gender reveal session!

We met up at Red Wing Park in Virginia Beach.  And of course, when we showed up, everyone and their mother were there.  The cherry blossoms were abundant, so everyone was taking the small opportunity to capture them in the background of their photos. So did we!  A few nights prior, Gina made some blue and pink colored powders for the kiddos to throw at her.  I got them ready, let's just say that they had WAY too much fun throwing the powder on her!

Keep an eye out for more of that beautiful belly! In a few more months we will be doing some maternity photos and I CAN'T WAIT! But until then, you get to oogle over these photos!