Welcome Home Erik!! | Hampton Roads Homecoming Photographer

I absolutely love shooting homecomings.  I love the emotions that come when the families get to see their loved ones they haven't seen in several months.  It makes me feel as if I were there to see my loved one as well, and I have to admit, there have been many times that I have cried along with them at the first sight of the ship or plane.

But this homecoming is a little more special, as it was for a fellow photographer that I have had the privilege of shooting beside at many carrier fly-ins and pier homecomings.  Kelley and her family are in the midst of PCSing away from the area, and her hubby was coming home to accompany them.  At first, Kelley didn't even think about having a photographer there, especially since it was only a few months Erik was gone.  But I convinced her that it was long enough and told her I would be there with her and the boys.  Erik was due to fly in at 1030pm, so we met up around 10pm at the Norfolk AMC Terminal.  The boys were antsy to see their daddy, and I know mommy was too.  Poor Jacob had gotten strep throat earlier, so it only added to his misery of waiting.  But needless to say, the boys were troopers the entire time, and went up and down the escalator to help pass the time as we waited for daddy to go through Customs.

Kelley, I am surely gonna miss seeing you at the homecomings, and can't wait to visit you guys at your next stop!!!