HM-15 Change of Command Ceremony | Norfolk Military Photographer

HM-15 will always hold a special place in my heart.  Especially thank you to Mrs. Sarah Clark, their great and fearless Ombudsman (BIG puffy heart you!!!), for bringing me in and making me a part of the Blackhawk family.  From homecomings to the Command Christmas party, I'd have to say that I love my Blackhawk Family!  The time was coming for Skipper and Mrs. Bahr to say farewell, and Mrs. Bahr asked for me to be there. I mean, how could I turn her down!?  From photographing a retirement ceremony for Daddy Clark to photographing Skipper Bahr's last days with HM-15, I was pretty stoked.

I have to admit, that it was the first Change of Command that I photographed, and I LOVED IT! I have attended a few Change of Commands before as a civilian employee, but being able to enjoy it with the families was extra special.  It made me honored to know that they entrusted me in capturing a special moment in their lives.  Skipper, Mrs. Bahr, and kiddos, thank you for allowing me to photograph this special day for you! It was an honor to be able to have met you all and look forward to seeing you around some time hopefully! To Skipper and Mrs. Gendron, thank you as well and I am looking forward to many more events with you all!