Little Miss Ava Grace is FINALLY Here! | Newport News Photographer

A week before she made her debut, little miss Ava Grace made her mommy visit the hospital for a few hours. Momma was sent back home.  A few days later, momma was back at the hospital, this time for the real thing! She started to have intense contractions at 2am, and had an appointment with her doc later that day at 10am. Next thing we knew, she was scheduled for a C section and I was still stuck at work on the other side of the water!

Let's just say that little miss Ava Grace was ready to come into the world....  according to momma, the doctor said that her cord was wrapped around her neck, then she cries...LOUD! Then the doctor says "whoa, a true knot!"

Little miss Ava Grace is certainly stealing the hearts of her brother, Chandler, and sisters, Faith and Falyn.  Not to mention that everyone that meets her!!  Welcome to the world little miss Ava Grace!!!!

Date of birth: August 21, 2014

Time: 3:38 PM

Weight: 8 lbs

Height: 20 in

Place of birth: Riverside Regional Medical Center