Coming Home at the Right Time | Norfolk Homecoming Photographer

Dani was due to give birth to her and David's third child, and papa was on his way home.  And boy, did he coming home at the right time! Just a few days after coming home,  their daughter LaLune was born!  And I must say, she is absolutely adorable!  

But back to the homecoming story.  Dani contacted me to capture her family's reunion at Norfolk International Airport.  I can never turn down a homecoming, so I definitely said yes.  We met up around 745am, with a Starbucks in my hand.  Her adorable sons, Theo and Maxx kept each other occupied while we patiently waited for their papa to return.  From finding a garden maze, to sharpening their spidey senses, to coloring in a coloring book they got from an airport volunteer, they kept it cool until the saw their papa.  The minute they saw their papa, they immediately took off.  Thank you Dani, David, Theo, and Maxx for allowing me to capture your special day and WELCOME HOME David!     

keeping the kiddos busy

is he here yet?

patiently waiting for papa

running for papa

finally reunited

papa and his babies

finally a family again