Baby, It's Just You & Me | Smithfield Couples Photographer

You may recognize Grace and Matt.  They have been long time clients and friends of mine for years.  As most may know, Grace and I are connected through our Hawaii roots, as well as Matt and my fiance both being stationed on the USS Harry S Truman together.  Recently, Matt returned from Army boot camp, and Grace wanted to get some photos of just the two of them.  The rest of the family would be done later.  Since Grace has had some sessions done at Windsor Castle Park, Matt was interested in having their session there. And of course, you know I love shooting there! It's SO worth the drive from Virginia Beach! 

We met up literally within 20 minutes of the sun setting, towards the end of the elusive golden hour.  And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE golden hour.... I mean, LOOK. AT. THAT!!!

Matt and Grace field

Abandoned house, Grace and Matt fenceline

barn love Grace and Matt

Standing next to me Grace and Matt

In the middle of the road

Kiss me and smile