Celebrating Momma and Grayson | Virginia Beach Photographer

Before the Clark family left Hampton Roads for their big move to GA, Sarah and I met up one last time at California Pizza Kitchen to partake in lunch and our favorite ending to a great meal, the DELISH butter cake.  We never leave California Pizza Kitchen without having one!  While waiting for our noms, she shared a little secret with me; another was joining the Clark clan!  Of course, we drooled over the thought that it could be a girl, but talked about how awesome it would be if baby Clark was a boy.  A little while later, they announced their soon to be addition and that it's a BOY! 

Fast forward to last month.  The Clark clan made their way back to the Hampton Roads area to attend a friend's retirement ceremony.  Sarah's partner in crime, Jill, threw her a baby shower while the Clark clan were here.  Needless to say, all the ladies that adored Sarah and her family were present and ready to mingle.  Mind you, it was not your typical baby shower. There were no games. There were no "what's in the diaper" nor the clothespin game.  It was full of catching up, chit chatting, and eating the delicious food that Jill made.  I'd must say though, the highlight of the day was during the book reading..... You'll see which book it was!

Congrats Clark clan, and can't wait to meet little Mr. Grayson when he makes his appearance in a few more months!!

Ladies, to see all the photos from the day, here is the link: