A Whole Year Later | Personal

Boy, has it been crazy since this year started! More specifically, the apple of my eye, my little boy, Joseph turned ONE on April 12th! How can it be that he is already a one year old? How is it possible????  My little 8 pound, 7 ounce, 8 days overdue, emergency c-section baby.  He's not tiny anymore, and I still can't grasp that concept. 

Since he is literally OBSESSED with it, the theme of his birthday party was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Of course, being that when a baby turns a year old, it's a big deal.  We had Mickey and Minnie ears for the kiddos (even though mainly the adults were wearing them lol), a few fun games, and of course, themed menu. A lot of the decorations and food items were hand made, and boy, did we have a time creating them. I have to send out a HUGE shoutout to Ms. Kadi Spruill of Kadi Bakes for making a last minute smash/birthday cake for the party

Thank you to my family for your help with everything and to everyone that came to celebrate with us! I meant to send out thank you cards to everyone that graced Joseph with a gift, but life got in the way. So, THANK YOU!!!!