Alexis & Corey - Married | Portsmouth Wedding Photographer

Alexis is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) and Corey is in the Army, currently stationed in Hawaii.  To say that I was jealous that he was stationed in my home state, is an understatement! When Alexis first contacted me, we chatted back and forth due the distance between us and it was just easier to keep in contact.  Our first face to face meeting was just a few weeks before the wedding to discuss the finalized plans and met Corey for the first time on the day OF the wedding!  Alexis and Corey is such a cute and wonderful couple, and their wedding party definitely was a blast to spend the entire day with! 

They were married and celebrated at the Woman's Club of Portsmouth, which happens to be one of my favorite venues to shoot at.  Thank you Alexis and Corey for allowing me to be there to capture your special day!

An Afternoon with The Korrells | Suffolk Lifestyle Family Photographer

Amanda and I go WAY back.  I mean, like back to Hawaii.  We first met in Hawaii when our ex's were deployed at the same time.  We hung out almost every day! We'd have sleepovers and act like tourists, driving around the island.  But as military life, I ended up moving to Virginia in 2009, and that was the last time I saw her.  We kept in touch on Facebook, even after she returned to the East Coast and moved back to Maryland.  But it wasn't until recently when she and her family moved to Virginia that we decided to actually meet up again.  When she first moved to Virginia, they were living in Newport News. Still close, but a drive over the HRBT that I hated driving on.  While her hubby was deployed, they bought and moved into a cute house in Suffolk.

One Sunday afternoon, I headed up to Suffolk.  The drive was so beautiful! Definitely made me think about moving up there.... But then I remembered how the traffic sucked going to base.  The further away I move from Norfolk, the worse it will be! Maybe one day. Soon.  I arrived at their house and immediately hugged Amanda as she greeted me on their front porch.  I mean, it has been SIX years since I last saw her!!  We hung out and chit chatted, reminiscing about the fun times we had when lived in Hawaii, to the craziness we both went through when we moved from Hawaii.

Previously, I told Amanda that I wanted to do a lifestyle session with them.  How could you not want to take some photos of their little cutie?!?! Thank you guys for allowing to spend the afternoon with you! And Amanda, like I said, let's not let 6 years go by again!

little cutie

toy story toys

daddy and son

hiding in the cabinets

putting on his new hat


Baby, It's Just You & Me | Smithfield Couples Photographer

You may recognize Grace and Matt.  They have been long time clients and friends of mine for years.  As most may know, Grace and I are connected through our Hawaii roots, as well as Matt and my fiance both being stationed on the USS Harry S Truman together.  Recently, Matt returned from Army boot camp, and Grace wanted to get some photos of just the two of them.  The rest of the family would be done later.  Since Grace has had some sessions done at Windsor Castle Park, Matt was interested in having their session there. And of course, you know I love shooting there! It's SO worth the drive from Virginia Beach! 

We met up literally within 20 minutes of the sun setting, towards the end of the elusive golden hour.  And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE golden hour.... I mean, LOOK. AT. THAT!!!

Matt and Grace field

Abandoned house, Grace and Matt fenceline

barn love Grace and Matt

Standing next to me Grace and Matt

In the middle of the road

Kiss me and smile

We Miss You | Smithfield Family Photographer

Grace and her family have been great friends of mine, especially because she and I shared a special bond of being Hawaii transplants to Virginia, as well as the fact that both her husband, Matt and my fiancé, Jake were both on the USS Harry S Truman at the same time.  Matt is away at Army boot camp, so Grace wanted to get some photos done of the kiddos with his boots, and send some to him.  I can't wait to hear about his reaction when he sees all of the photos!

Hurry home Matt! Your family misses you dearly!!!