Gabrielle & Ian - Married at Woman's Club of Portsmouth | Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer

She is a Retail Merchandising Marketer for Hurley, and he is a Law Enforcement Officer for the City of Norfolk.  The were married at Saint Pauls Catholic Church and celebrated with their family and closest friends at the Woman's Club of Portsmouth.  It was definitely a beautiful day!!!

Thank you, Gabrielle and Ian for allowing me to capture your special day!! It was definitely a blast! 

Welcome Home USS Bush! | Norfolk Homecoming Photographer

It has been quite a while since I have been in attendance of a carrier homecoming.  In fact, I couldn't even remember when the last ship homecoming I attended was.  But being that I had not one but two friends whose loved one was returning with the Bush Carrier Strike Group, I had to be there!

It was exactly how I remember; people everywhere! But nevertheless, the emotions swirling around at homecomings definitely were high.  Just as at any homecoming that I have attended, I definitely had tears in my eyes, especially knowing that both of my friends were getting their spouses back after a long nine months.  Their families were whole once again. 


Bush Homecoming 2

Bush HC Bell Family

Bush HC Hanson Family