Garcia Family | Virginia Beach Maternity Photographer

Kathryn contacted me for her maternity photos, just in time before their bundle of joy, little Mr. Ezekiel arrived in the wee morning hours of August 31st. Kathryn is a fellow military spouse and It Works! Distributor in the area.  We originally met several months ago while participating in a photo project for our friend Angel Whisenant, who photographed us for I Am Her Voice, that was part of a campaign to help bring awareness to Sex Trafficking (

We met up on the trail side of First Landing Park to capture some photos along the wooden walkways, then headed across the street to the beach side and captured some awesome sunset photos as well. I tell ya, just something about that golden hour.... I can't get enough of it!  

Beach Surprise Proposal - Ian & Kelsey | Virginia Beach Photographer

Last month, my gal pal Leslie of La Bella Bonita Photography asked me to photograph a surprise proposal on the beach one evening.  She had me at surprise proposal, so I had to say yes! We arrived at the location while Ian, the proposer and his girlfriend Kelsey (now fiance!) ate dinner.  We patiently waited for them at the location, and were entertained by the kite surfers, doggy running and catching the ball, as well as another photographer and his client taking senior photos.  We got the word that they just parked and of course we tried to make sure we didn't look too awkward sitting on the beach with cameras in our hands.  We had no where to hide and sneak, so while Leslie acted as if she were taking photos down the coast line, I sat in the sand acting as if I were taking photos of the crashing waves.

Ian and Kelsey walked to the water's edge hand in hand, and we knew it was go time.  All I have to say is that Ian pulled it off! Kelsey had NO idea!!!  Congrats again to Ian and Kelsey on your engagement and thank you to Leslie for allowing me to photograph this with you!

Here are a few of my favorites:

North Carolina Adventures: Corolla, Outer Banks | Personal

Jake and I decided to go on an adventure on our own ever since the last time we ventured down to North Carolina.  Instead of heading down towards Kitty Hawk and Cape Hatteras, we decided to drive to Corolla.  After I heard about the awesome beach that we can actually drive on and encounter wild horses, we knew we had to take the Jeep for some sand and sea therapy.  As we drove down, we were in awe of the beautiful homes and rentals we saw, wishing that we could just move into to one right now.  Once we finally arrive at the beach, we were just amazed at how beautiful it was.  Windows rolled down, the smell of the sea and the serenity of the waves crashing just a few feet from us.  We continued down the beach to a location where cars were allowed to park in the middle.  Feeling the sand between my toes again made me miss home even more!  All I can say is that I can't wait to go back down again and spend the entire day there.  Seriously with every visit that we make to the Outer Banks, it makes me want to move out of Virginia Beach.  I'm a water baby at heart; I belong at the beach!  

On our way back to leave the beach, we came upon some wild horses that we heard that frequent the beach from time to time.  I swear when we first passed the spot, they weren't there.  But glad that we were able to see them before we left the beach.   Seriously, can't wait to go back!!

A Beautiful Baby Bump | Virginia Beach Maternity Photographer

You may recognize Ms. Gina.  A few months ago, we did a gender reveal session where she found out she was having another baby girl.  We discussed our options for the maternity session and determined that the 64th Street entrance of First Landing Park was exactly what we needed.  Of course, being that it is the summer time, we arrived and there were a number of people there, to include a group of SUP boarders.  We got a few shots on the beach, then located a little more secluded spot on the other side of a family fishing down the beach.

Now, trying to change wardrobes at a beach that does NOT have a bathroom facility is a challenge.  Add in baby bump and it's twice as difficult! But Ms. Gina rocked it and successfully changed at least four times! We realized how quickly we were loosing our lighting, adding to the fact that we all were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and other critters. 

Can't wait til little miss finally makes her debut!

There's Always a First Time for Everything | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

Aurea and I go way back.  When I first moved up here from Hawaii, Aurea and I worked in the same office.  When I first met Aurea, we immediately hit it off, like we were old friends that haven't seen each other.  When we walked through the building, many people thought that we were actually sisters! I mean, we do look alike. :)  I worked in the same office until two years later, I was given the opportunity to start my career as a federal civilian employee.  I kept in touch with her and others from my old office, until things got really busy.  Aurea texted me one day that she was interested in getting some family photos done, especially since they never had them done before! So we scheduled a date and time. 

The day came, and we met on the beach near the Lesner Bridge.  Let me just say her girls were too funny and had me laughing pretty much throughout the entire session! Here are my favorites from that day.  Thank you Aurea for allowing me to capture some memories for you and your adorable family!