Katie + Jay + Lucas | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

Katie & Jay are regulars in front of my camera.  I have shot their engagement photos, Katie's bridals, their epic Smith Mountain Lake wedding, and finally got to meet their little man, Lucas.  They also have their two furbabies, Ghost and Goliath, that have made their debuts as well.  Katie & Jay took advantage of my Fall mini sessions, and opted to have their session at Back Bay of First Landing State Park, the same location as their engagement session.  Now, if you have visited the Back Bay before, I am pretty sure if it's a beautiful day, you will see both stand-up boarders, tons of photographers, or a little bit of both.  It was definitely a bit of both that day.  But thankfully, there were a lot of areas to choose from.

To say the least, with a baby and two adorable doggies, it called for a very eventful session, but it never fails... I always get great shots of Katie & Jay! And how about little man Lucas?!?!? Isn't he just the CUTEST?!?!?!? 

Beach Surprise Proposal - Ian & Kelsey | Virginia Beach Photographer

Last month, my gal pal Leslie of La Bella Bonita Photography asked me to photograph a surprise proposal on the beach one evening.  She had me at surprise proposal, so I had to say yes! We arrived at the location while Ian, the proposer and his girlfriend Kelsey (now fiance!) ate dinner.  We patiently waited for them at the location, and were entertained by the kite surfers, doggy running and catching the ball, as well as another photographer and his client taking senior photos.  We got the word that they just parked and of course we tried to make sure we didn't look too awkward sitting on the beach with cameras in our hands.  We had no where to hide and sneak, so while Leslie acted as if she were taking photos down the coast line, I sat in the sand acting as if I were taking photos of the crashing waves.

Ian and Kelsey walked to the water's edge hand in hand, and we knew it was go time.  All I have to say is that Ian pulled it off! Kelsey had NO idea!!!  Congrats again to Ian and Kelsey on your engagement and thank you to Leslie for allowing me to photograph this with you!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Miss Madison the Fall Cutie | Chesapeake Children Photographer

You may recognize this little cutie. Miss Madison is no stranger to my camera. Last fall, her mommy and daddy joined her for a family session at First Landing State Park.  This year, it was just miss Madison, and this time, they brought their adorable doggy, Buster! Buster definitely is a riot.  He cooperated for some of the photos, unless you had a pine cone in your hand, and it's all over.  I think he liked the fact that he saw a lot of other doggies there as well.

I swear, every time I see Madison, she seems bigger! From the day her mommy came home on the USS Bush a few years ago, to last fall, when we had their family session.  Next time I see her, I bet she will be taller! Isn't it crazy how quickly kiddos grow???